Ofuro Western Red Cedar Hot Tub Soaker. Discover the soothing healing effects that make these Ofuro wooden tubs a timeless classic! Found through out Asian culture, these smaller style spa tubs are a therapeutic wonder. The wooden 'Ofuro' style bath tub is a standard appliance in Japanese culture. Mix with warm water, for the ultimate soaking pleasure.  Or add our jet system to the tub for some serious massage therapy!

The cedar wood provides a natural insulating value that can not be found in regular plastic or acrylic bathtubs. The extra depth, length and width allows any size body to soak in a completely natural relaxed position. Big enough for two!


These soaking tubs are designed to be filled and drained after use. Bathers can use  the same soaps, bath salts, shampoos that you would normally use in a regular bath tub. 

These tubs are made from "clear" grade 'A' Western Red Cedar and are ideal for indoor or outdoor usage. Cedar is simply known as the "King" of woods and has always been the choice for outdoor construction. It is said that cedar has a lifespan of over 50 years, and its rich color will enhances any decor. Like all our products we use only the finest material including Stainless steel straps that will never rust or bleed the beautiful wood.


The Ofuro Soaker Tub also comes in a 1-2-person round style. This classic Japanese style Ofuro Tub is ideal for those that want to enjoy a deep soak.  the tub measures 48" in diameter and is 30" tall with 25" of interior soaking depth.  The natural wood means the water will stay hot much longer than a traditional plastic tub.

Prices the same as the Oval Ofuro Soaker Tub, the round configuration may be more appealing to those used to a more conventional shaped hot tub.

Both tubs are designed to be filled and drained before and after each use.

  These tubs can be heated in one of five ways:

  1. For out doors use, use our Chofu wood fired heaters. Because of the smaller volume of water these tubs can be heated in about 1 hour ready to enjoy, with only the cost of wood. This option will heat your tub the fastest.

  2. Alternatively use our Chofu gas/propane heater with timer! This method is slower than the wood Chofu heater.

  3. Our electric heated system comes with a inline 1.5 KW Balboa heater and a 3/4 HP pump. This system provides the added benefit of hydro massage therapy! This method of heating is the slowest (4-5 hours depending on the original temperature of the water.) This is also the best option for maintaining the water temperature once it is heated.

  4. Solar System Heat: 2,000 BTU per hour. Auto pump only circulates the water when there is enough solar energy being produced.

  5. Use regular hot water from your tap. Because of the wood insulating properties, the tub will retain the heat much longer than any other style of bathtub.


Top View with Optional Stairs

Bottom showing 1 1/2" drain

 Feature Description  Specifications
 Minimum Volume  100 gallons
 Full Weight (including tub)  950 pounds
 Max Volume  175 gallons
 Full Weight (including tub)  1,600 pounds
 Interior Height  25"
 Total Height  30"
 Dry Weight  125 pounds
 Interior Length & Width  65" x 28"
 Exterior Length & Width  68" x 31"
 Heating options  Wood, Electric, Gas, Propane

Oval Ofuro Western Cedar Soaker Tub
$2000 Free Shipping!

Round Ofuro Western Cedar Soaker Tub
$2000 Free Shipping!


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